Great Place to Live

To start, people from Muskegon are kind and helpful. Not only do great people live here, but it is a great place to live. Muskegon is geographically beautiful and surprisingly, is quite affordable. We have one of the lowest cost of living waterfront destinations in the country and might I add, our fresh water beaches are both clean and beautiful. Muskegon is increasingly gaining popularity as a desired destination for young professionals; for good reason. Young professionals who live in Muskegon receive the blessings of living near the water at an affordable cost, while also being a short drive from Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids was rated one of the top tourist destinations in the U.S. And Grand Rapids has plenty of activies for both adults and children, diverse dining, and I can't forget to mention; phenomenal beer. Personally, although I like the excitement Grand Rapids has to offer, I like living in Muskegon because it is more peaceful. There is nothing more soothing than being on the beach listening to the sounds of waves hitting the shore, whistling wind, and wild life. Muskegon's peacefulness may offer seniors with a relaxing area to spend their golden years. There is access to ample public transportation, many opportunities for volunteering, and access to world-class healthcare facillities. If you are looking for work, WE HAVE JOBS. 


Great Place to Invest

Muskegon is a hotspot for the entrepreneurs-driven, knowledge-based economy where advanced manufacturing thrives alongside historic leaders in metal, plastics and agricultural products. It is a great place to invest because there is so much opportunity and room for growth. The community's focus on education, medical care, and sustainability lead to Forbes naming it as the highest-ranking city in Michigan for job growth.